Monday, April 27, 2009

MUd piE MounTaiN

So our little Brinton just cracks us up. We have this huge pile of dirt behind our house (we have yet to get it spread out so we can plant grass) and Brinton has loved this pile of dirt FOREVER!! But once the snow melted his claimed it as his MUD PIE MOUNTAIN. He will go out and play on it for hours literally hours I can't get him to come in the house for anything. He is going to be so sad when we have to spread out his Mud Pie Mountain. As you can see he has a path up to the top and then he slides down it over and over again. The first time he was able to go out and play he was covered in mud and he was sooooooooooooooooooooo excited - I will say it again soooooooooooo excited and proud of every ounce of mud on him....he said mom that was great - you never let me get this dirty and you never let me get mud all over my shoes and clothes and hair and face and skin.....this is so great!!!! What a kid - he is definatly a BoY: Noise with dirt on them!

CraWliNg MakEs Me SoOoOO TiRed!

This is when Talmadge first started crawling - it was just so exhausting he fell alseep in mid-crawl in the middle the floor. Instead of helping him into bed - I ran and got my pictures......such a good mom!! Love the funny things my kids do!! LurVe ThEm!

MY EDWARD.......

So Talmadge has his two bottom teeth and his two top fangs(K-9) teeth and so everyone once in a while I call him Edward - especially when he is biting. I only know of one other baby that did this and it is my hair dresser Angie - her little boy is 3 months other than Tally and he did the same thing......Too cute Right!

One of THOSE Moms!

Yep I am proud to admit I am one of THOSE Moms that dress their kids so they match. I use to make fun of Moms that did I am one. But really is there anything cuter than when your kids are in the same cute......especially MY BOYS!! MorE tO CoME!