Friday, July 10, 2009

GraDuATioN ~ Future Class of 2022

So Brinton graduated from his second year of preschool on May 19th. He had the BEST preschool teacher - Miss Lauri and Miss Joey!! He learned so much and did so many fun things and because of them he is completely ready for are some pictures of after his last day at school ~ Miss Lauri and Miss Joey gave each kid a big lipstick kiss - I made Brinton wait until we were home to wash it off - too cute!!

Here are some of his graduation pictures......this was his little part ~
My name is Brinton Andrew Stevens
My parents are Emily and Matt Stevens
My address is ......
My phone number is .....
When I grow up I want to be a golfer!

He then performed:
Jack be nimble
Jack be quick
Jack jumped over the candlestick
He jumped so high
He touched the sky
And did get back until the 4th of July!

Grandpa Boo drove two hours to get here just in time for his graduation and Brinton was so excited. Grandpa Boo is his very favorite person of all time! His teacher knew all about Grandpa Boo and the cow poop on his pants and everything grandpa does or says has been related to them......the first year his scrapbook was full of who do you love - Grandpa Boo - what do you like to do the most - spend time with Grandpa Boo and on and would have thought Grandpa Boo was the only person Brinton knew existed!!

Brinton with is Preschool Teachers - Miss Joey & Miss Lauri!! We LOVED THEM!!

Kiss Face Brinton

Building a TRAIN TRACK

So Brinton has become quite the train track builder because of his cousin Jess. Camille's friend gave us a whole container of tracks and well almost every day we have to get them out and play with them. Here is one of his track clear around our island in our kitchen! Good job buddy!


So our little Toot is getting to be quite the sneaky/tricky little guy. We put him to bed and awhile later went to check on him and he was not there. For anyone who heard about the time he disappeared at my mom's last summer and how hysterical I was (the most awful feeling I have ever had in my life - still makes me sick to think about it), you can imagine the panic that set in. So we started searching and of course first place I looked was under the bed and there he was ~ ASLEEP ~ or so we thought.
We began laughing and ran and got the camera and took pictures - the whole time he acted like he was completely asleep - we pull him out from under the bed and still acted like he was alseep - then he starts giggling and then looked up at us and said GOTCHA! We got a big kick out of it and we all just laughed and laughed. Where does he get this stuff - it is too too cute ~ most of the time!

Monday, April 27, 2009

MUd piE MounTaiN

So our little Brinton just cracks us up. We have this huge pile of dirt behind our house (we have yet to get it spread out so we can plant grass) and Brinton has loved this pile of dirt FOREVER!! But once the snow melted his claimed it as his MUD PIE MOUNTAIN. He will go out and play on it for hours literally hours I can't get him to come in the house for anything. He is going to be so sad when we have to spread out his Mud Pie Mountain. As you can see he has a path up to the top and then he slides down it over and over again. The first time he was able to go out and play he was covered in mud and he was sooooooooooooooooooooo excited - I will say it again soooooooooooo excited and proud of every ounce of mud on him....he said mom that was great - you never let me get this dirty and you never let me get mud all over my shoes and clothes and hair and face and skin.....this is so great!!!! What a kid - he is definatly a BoY: Noise with dirt on them!

CraWliNg MakEs Me SoOoOO TiRed!

This is when Talmadge first started crawling - it was just so exhausting he fell alseep in mid-crawl in the middle the floor. Instead of helping him into bed - I ran and got my pictures......such a good mom!! Love the funny things my kids do!! LurVe ThEm!

MY EDWARD.......

So Talmadge has his two bottom teeth and his two top fangs(K-9) teeth and so everyone once in a while I call him Edward - especially when he is biting. I only know of one other baby that did this and it is my hair dresser Angie - her little boy is 3 months other than Tally and he did the same thing......Too cute Right!

One of THOSE Moms!

Yep I am proud to admit I am one of THOSE Moms that dress their kids so they match. I use to make fun of Moms that did I am one. But really is there anything cuter than when your kids are in the same cute......especially MY BOYS!! MorE tO CoME!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Getting Around and So Darn Happy About It!

So Tally is officially on the move.......he has been able to get around for quite some time, but now he is crawling and following us everywhere and loving life. Can't believe it......they grow up so darn fast.

Tears All Around ~ Two Pea in a Pod

Brinton is crying.........Talmadge is crying!!

When Brinton cries.........Talmadge cries!!

Boys will be Boys........FOREVER!

Humility ~ Brinton & The Holy Ghost

So Brinton has had some of the best primary teachers ever!! Last year Sister Smitheram and this year Brother & Sister Skinner. A couple of Sundays ago his lesson was on the Holy Ghost and he told us about it. On Monday, I was kind of grouchy, cause of kids being sick and being up all night with Talmadge so I was tired and snappy. Anyway I was mad at Brinton and kind of yelled at him and this is how our conversation went:

Brinton: "Mom if you don't quit yelling at me and quit being mad at me the Holy Ghost is going to leave and never come back. He does not be in places that are loud and he does not be with people who are angry at children."

I laugh and then say:

Mommy: "I am so sorry."

Brinton: "Mommy who else do you need to tell sorry too?"

Mommy: "I am so sorry Tally."

Brinton: "Mommy, NO, who else do you need to tell sorry too?"

Mommy: "I will call daddy and tell him sorry."

Brinton is getting so mad at me at this point ~ he is scowling and has his hands on his hips.

Brinton: "Mommy you need to go into your room, get on your knees and tell Heavenly Father that you are sorry for being mean to His children."

Mommy: "You are right Brinton, I will do that."

Brinton process to wait until I go into my bedroom and say a prayer and say I am sorry. I came out.

Brinton: "Now doesn't that make you feel so much better?"

Mommy: "Yes, I do feel better, thank you Brinton for telling to do a good thing."

Brinton: "Your welcome, I learned that at church and I read about it in my scriptures."

He then went on to quote "his scriptures"

Brinton: "thou shalt be nice to thy children and if you are not nice them thou shalt pray to Heavenly Father and say you are so sorry."

Mommy: Laughing pretty hard - "where does it say that in your sciptures."

So he went and got his little red scriptures and just opened them.

Brinton: "Somewhere in here it says it mom, boy do you need to read your sciptures too?"

Nothing like a 4 year old handing down a little humility. I think of this and I still laugh and it has been almost two weeks ago.........out of the mouths of four year old. I just love him so much!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Talmadge Blair ~ Cabbage Patch Kid

My cousins Jenna & ShaLyse say that my kids look like Cabbage Patch Kids.........

I have no idea what they are talking about?!?!

Good thing I love Cabbage Patch Kids and think they are cute........cause I think MY little Cabbage Patch is sooooooo cute!

Talmadge Playing in a Basket

Having so much fun......don't know how he managed to get in the basket.........

Oh but he did get mad when I tired to take it off........this is Tally telling me what for!!

More Star Wars............Our Little Star Wars Junkie

Brinton loves his Star Wars guys, he know which gun goes with which guy and gets mad if he can't find the gun or if the guy is holding the wrong gun. He love to color SW pictures - I make he choose which ones go on the fridge otherwise you would not see our fridge for all the SW pictures.

Brinton took these pictures......very proud of his SW stuff....