Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Too Cute - Enough Said!

DRESSIN' UP - Lion-Mouse-Fairy - Makes a mom so proud!

So Brinton loves to dress up in costumes, thanks to my sisters friend who gave us a bunch of fun costumes he has fun every day! His favorite is Captain Rex which Santa gave him and his other favorite is a $.50 costume I bought here in town Darth Vador as you can see.


We also have girly costumes in our costume bag for when his friends who are girls come to play, but sometimes Brinton gets creative with his dress up. He came out in this and I asked him what he was and he said "Mama can't you see I am a lion-mouse-fairy." I asked him what a lion-mouse-fairy does and he replied "he sneaks up on you quiet as a mouse, to give you a fairy surprise and he bites your leg off" I cracked me up - then he went off growling and making chomping noises!! So watch out for our little lion-mouse-fairy cause his surprise is not that great!!


He is one of a kind - since we have been living in our house he calls our old apartment the "naughty apartment" - anytime we talk about the apartment where we lived he refers to it as the "naughty apartment" and we now have to refer to it as the "naughty apartment". We asked him why he calls it that and he said cause that is where I was naughty but now I am a good boy who makes good choices. I tell ya WHAT A KID!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

GINORM Lamb Tails & I'll take a bottle any way I can get it!

K - so I know this picture is gross with these GINORMOUS lamb tails - but I could not resist taking this picture. Talmadge sneezed and Brinton was yelling for me to "come check it out cause it was sooooooo GROSS" he said and when I saw Talmadge he just smiled so big.

Am I a horrible mom or what?!?! I was working on my blog and he was screaming for a bottle so I made one and gave it to him and had to take a picture of that sad face. Needless to say when I saw those eyes I had to stop what I was doing and pick him up and hold him. AHHHHHHHHHHHH - is there anything better than holding a baby - LURVE IT!

Brinton's Favorite Past Time - What Ya Eatin'?

This kids loves to eat and cereal and pasta are his favorites!! He is constantly in the fridge or in our "food room". He gets upset if either are low in supply, he likes to make sure we have food and plenty of it.

Here he is waiting to eat - AGAIN!! He was pouting cause it was taking to long so I told him he had to smile if he wanted dinner and he argued that is was "supper not dinner, that's what Grandpa calls it" so I told him a bird was going to poop on his lip - that made him SMILE this big.

Matt's Favorite Past Time - What Ya Readin?




Talmadge has no desire to jump in his jumper - no matter how much we try to encourage him or show him. He just holds really still and if he starts to move he straightens his legs more and puts his arms straight out trying to stop any movement! He'll get the hang of it soon and then we will probably have to replace our molding!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Friday, January 9, 2009


My cute cute cute boys!!