Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chance Made Us Brothers; Hearts Made Us Friends

Brinton is the BEST big brother and Tally adores him and wants to do everything he does. I think they are going to be good friends!

Boys Name Sakes

Most might thing that Brinton & Talmadge are different names.....well they came from one person!! Matt's Poppy: Talmage Brinton Burbidge. I think it is neat that their names have a story behind them. I guess if we have a girl we will name her Burbidge and call her Burbie.......yeah right!!

STINK EYE......Thanks Grandma Cece taught him this....too cute I tell ya!

First Day of Kindergarten

Ready to head off to school. I was a mess.....a ball of nerves, afraid I would start bawling at school. Thank goodness he has such an incredible teacher. But me right at ease - WE LOVE SCHOOL!

In front of the school - Home of the Teddy Bears! So cute for an elementary I think!

In front of his class........Mrs. Christiansen is FANTASTIC!

CrAzy HaIr cute!

Purses and Beads....Should we be Nervous? Naaaah, he is all BOY!

Dog Bite

The day before school was to start, Brinton was playing at a friends and their dog bit him. As you can see it got his lip and nose and he got a little black eye and his face was swollen.
This just confirmed we will probably never be dog owners!! Poor Brinton - he was a trooper though! Love this kid!

Brinton Tries Out Stuff On His Own

I guess there comes a time when kids want to do things on their own and this summer was full of first for Brinton. He said he is 5 now, it is time to comb his own hair so I let him and I let him wear it for several days, knowing he would likely get sick of it and he did - but I still thought he was pretty cute!

Combing Hair

Figuring Out What Clothes Look Good Together
Don't know why but ties were a big thing for about a week at our house. Again, I knew he would get sick of it - but he is still cute!

How cute is a little boy in a chef hat cute and so interested in learning. He loves to cook......mainly cause he loves food.

Organizing the Garage
I guess I taught him well.........he came in to get me telling he organized the garage. I LOVED IT - made me so proud!! Love organized stuff.....what a good boy!


Tally's First Hair Cut

We decided it might be time for a hair cut.........what do you think?

Serioulsy he needs a hair cut, rats nest every morning!

Ok, Ok time for a hair cut........last picture with his curls. We decided it was time since one of his cousins was playing with him and came up to me (Emily) this was the conversation.
Carston: Her's a girl?
Me: Nope, he's a boy.
Carston all confused: Her's hair is curly.......
Came right home and took him in to get it cut!

At the barber - getting in the chair, thinking he is so big and ready for a hair cut....yeah right!

Nope, I need my dada....there all better!

Seriously, we waited to long, look at that mullet.....(But her's not a girl!?)

Just getting started and already tons of tears.....

The barber, Alan was so great - he cuts so fast....

Tal did NOT like the clippers one bit, can you tell ~

Almost done!

Done and out of that chair. SUCKERS make everything better....

However, it was a sticky, hairy mess!

Look at me, no more curls...I'm a BIG BOY NOW! So longer my baby!



My kids are NEVER tired during the day and they hardly EVER sleep in the car. But our little family vacation to SLC was just too much. We were only gone 4 days, but we did so much - the Zoo, the Aquarium, Swimming, swimming and more swimming, the move Up, Bennihana's, Shopping and more swimming. This says it all......pooped right out! So darn cute!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Talmadge Turns One ~ Let's Celebrate with Cousin Reggie

Talmadge and Reggie are 2 weeks apart in age, but Tal is 2 sizes bigger than older cousin Reggie. I think they are going to be good buddies! We are going to have to keep our eyes on them though......DouBle TroUblE for sure!

EatIn' CakE
Guess I poke it first.......

I'll try out a bite.....

Mmmmm good, I'll dig out a bit.......

Oh wait my foot wants a taste.....or I wonder if I can get my foot in my mouth....who knows what he was thinking!!!

It took him a minute but he figured it out!