Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tally's First Hair Cut

We decided it might be time for a hair cut.........what do you think?

Serioulsy he needs a hair cut, rats nest every morning!

Ok, Ok time for a hair cut........last picture with his curls. We decided it was time since one of his cousins was playing with him and came up to me (Emily) this was the conversation.
Carston: Her's a girl?
Me: Nope, he's a boy.
Carston all confused: Her's hair is curly.......
Came right home and took him in to get it cut!

At the barber - getting in the chair, thinking he is so big and ready for a hair cut....yeah right!

Nope, I need my dada....there all better!

Seriously, we waited to long, look at that mullet.....(But her's not a girl!?)

Just getting started and already tons of tears.....

The barber, Alan was so great - he cuts so fast....

Tal did NOT like the clippers one bit, can you tell ~

Almost done!

Done and out of that chair. SUCKERS make everything better....

However, it was a sticky, hairy mess!

Look at me, no more curls...I'm a BIG BOY NOW! So longer my baby!


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