Thursday, January 7, 2010

Playing T-Ball ~ Green Monsters

Okay so Brinton was finally old/big enough to play t-ball. So we signed him up and took him to his first t-ball practice and he LOVED it. They were the called the Green Mosters per their green shirts. Since we can't just do anything half way, we went out to JJ Sports and got him cleats and baseball pants, Grandpa Boo already bought him a glove but he had to have batting gloves at his dad's request. Anyway, when game day came he was all decked out and might I add such a DARN cute t-ball player. He only had 4 games and he played like a pro (of course)! No really he always hit well over the bases and boy he would get so mad cause they only let them run one base at a time and Grandpa Boo told him for every homerun he hit he would give him a dollar and well since it was one base at a time......he did not like that part AT ALL!! He also got frustrated with the girls on his team playing in the dirt, he would tell us later those girls need to get in the game. He is pretty serious about sports.......looking forward to next summer when we get to play Coach Pitch. FUN ~ FUN ~ FUN

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Keirra Dyer said...

cute, cute, i have two of those type kids! it is really fun