Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Brinton Tries Out Stuff On His Own

I guess there comes a time when kids want to do things on their own and this summer was full of first for Brinton. He said he is 5 now, it is time to comb his own hair so I let him and I let him wear it for several days, knowing he would likely get sick of it and he did - but I still thought he was pretty cute!

Combing Hair

Figuring Out What Clothes Look Good Together
Don't know why but ties were a big thing for about a week at our house. Again, I knew he would get sick of it - but he is still cute!

How cute is a little boy in a chef hat cute and so interested in learning. He loves to cook......mainly cause he loves food.

Organizing the Garage
I guess I taught him well.........he came in to get me telling he organized the garage. I LOVED IT - made me so proud!! Love organized stuff.....what a good boy!


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